We empower you to leverage your data for smart decisions.

Who we are?

We are a team of experienced analytics professionals with extensive and diversified business know-how. Our objective is supporting our clients to grow their businesses while minimizing risks and capital investments by using the power of data.

We are obsessed with turning data into insights and then into powerful actions to achieve outstanding results. For us, if there is data everything is possible.

What we do?

Growth Analytics

We use big data and analytics to understand the demographics, lifestyle, attitudes, usage behaviour and decisions of your customers so that you acquire, upgrade and retain the valuable ones. We collaborate with your relevant teams in designing tailored marketing and sales programs to accelerate your growth.

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Fraud & Risk Analytics

We have deep expertise in the design and implementation of fraud & risk models that leverage the most innovative Big Data techniques to minimize your risks. We propose end-to-end management of your processes from customer acqusition to collection to be sure that you will have minumum revenue risk.

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Investment Optimization

We ensure that you spend your capex budget effectively by predicting demand accurately through advanced analytical methods. We use all the available data from internal and external sources and best in class algorithms to help your infrastructure and planning teams in the decision process.

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Growth Analytics

We shape sales and marketing strategies through data-driven insights and foresights. Our growth services includes market/customer segmentation, customer lifetime value modeling, price optimization, marketing optimization and sales effectiveness.

Market/Customer Segmentation

We help you to build a segmentation strategy so that you will understand specific groups with differentiated needs and behaviours.With a well built segmentation strategy, you will be able to offer the right product through the right channel with the right price to the right customer.

Pricing Optimization

We enable you to use pricing as a powerful profit lever. Price optimization models are used to tailor pricing for different customer segments by analyzing how targeted groups respond to price changes. We blend historical data with available market reseach data to build best in class models.

Increasing Customer Life Time Value

Our consultants have deep expertise in retention analytics and next best action modeling. Through leveraging data and advanced analytics, we can help you to maximize Cutomer Lifetime Value, so that you will grow revenues while minimizing customer retention costs.

Marketing Optimization

Through market mix modeling, we help you to leverage use of statistical and analytical tools to quantify the impact of marketing decisions of the past and predict future sales impact of various mixes of marketing variables (various types of ad spending, price discounts etc.)

Channel Effectiveness

Through data-driven sales forecasts and target setting models we help you to ensure that the sales targets are smart and challenging. We enable you to leverage analytics and historical data in designing sales incentive systems that properly reconciles to commercial and financial plans.

Fraud & Risk Analytics

We help businesses through our advanced risk analytics services in identifying, mitigating risks and frauds.

Customer Credit Risk Scoring

Our consultants have deep expertise in behavioral risk modeling to help businesses in predicting the default risk of their customer base. With application scoring, we enable our clients to minimize risk of defaults at the beginning of the acceptance process.

Dealer Credit Risk Scoring

We help our clients to increase revenue and decrease bad debt by assigning most proper credit limit to dealers based on advanced analytics and enriched datasets. Our clients monitor their dealer-based bad debt with specially designed KPI reports.

Financial Risk Modeling

We enable businesses to mitigate market based financial risks by using approaches based on analytics models and scenario analysis. We help our clients to measure portfolio risks by combining models with market, liquidity and credit risks.

Fraud Management

We help our clients in preventing fraud by deep expertise and state of the art analytics solutions.Our fraud management services includes application fraud, dealer fraud, ID fraud, credit card fraud, service usage fraud, telco simbox fraud and subscription fraud.

Collection Optimization

Through data-driven collection strategies we assist our clients in calculating payment probability. With dunning scenario optimization we define most proper actions. Through Call and legal follow up optimization we assign customers to most proper agent or lawyer.

Investment Optimization & Operational Analytics

Through advanced analytics and market intelligence solutions, we help our clients to manage their budget effectively and maximize return on investments.

Infrastructure Planning

For capex intensive industries such as telcos, utilities and energy companies effective infrastructure planning is critical for success. Our consultants have deep expertise in estimating and forecasting demand so that our clients are able to optimize capex budgets and maximize ROI.

Supply Chain Planning

Effective supply chain planning is one of the biggest challenges for most of the businesses We help our clients to improve operational effectiveness by enabling data-driven decisions through our unprecedented advanced analytics and market intelligence solutions.

Footprint Optimization

Optimizing the sales footprint is a critical but challenging issue. Esspecially for B2C businesses, it is necessary to meet the demand with smart planning. We help those companies by predicting geo-based demand and impact of competition to ensure maximum utilization of market potantial.

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